DEFUND PBS: Taxpayers Subsidize Pliant Platform for Leftist to Say 9/11 Produced Trump

Two days earlier than America marked the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, the PBS speak present Amanpour & Co. rolled out the purple carpet for leftist journalist Spencer Ackerman to advertise his new e book Reign of Terror: How the 9/11 Period Destabilized America and Produced Trump. The actual villains on this narrative are nativist, racist right-wingers apparently … Read more

The UN Publicizes Its Subsequent Ritual Screwing of American Taxpayers

Whereas People remained trapped in Afghanistan, together with being held hostage, the Taliban are busy making worldwide connections to assist prop up their new regime. It wasn’t sufficient that American taxpayers gave the terrorist authorities tens of billions of {dollars} in high-tech navy tools. Now, they will ensure that and fleece us even after we’re … Read more